• Through your eyes

    Through your eyes

    Look out that cloud,
    as high as a tree,
    At least that's how it looks to me.

    How about you,
    What do you see,
    What if we see things differently.

    Show me,
    How the world looks through your eyes,
    Tell me about the sunrise,
    let me see the stars shine,
    Show me,
    How the world looks through your eyes
    I can show you how it's through mine.

    If I have wings,
    And I could fly,
    I would tell you all about the sky.

    How about you,
    If dreams came true,
    What do you imagine you could do.


    And I could show you secrets traits,
    That no one else knows,
    And I bet you got secrets too,
    So don't be shy,
    Come on (4x)!

    I can show you how, let me show you how it looks through mine.

    Show me!
    Show me, Yeah!

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